The Maysides can be described as an eclectic blend of indie punk rock. Audiences can expect a combination of exciting, serious and emotional tracks from the band's catalogue along with interactive and immersive live stage shows. The Maysides receive regular play on independent and college radio including features on The Brock University's 103.7 CFBU, McMaster University's 93.3 CFMU, Detroit/Windsor's 99.1 CJAM FM, Hamilton's 101.1 Indie FM and EGH Radio in the UK. Additionally, the band has received play on Y108 Rocks (Indie Show) and 97.7’s (Southern Ontario’s Best Rock). The Maysides have also been featured in magazines and online publications including; PopVulture Entertainment (California),, (Toronto), View Magazine (Hamilton) and interview/performances on CHCH Morning Live.

The band's first studio EP, 'Evicted' was released on October 12th, 2013. 'Evicted' received raving reviews from fans and industry professionals alike. During their Ontario gigs, the group continues to play large-scale venues, events and festivals including: Big Music Fest w/Monster Truck, Big Sugar and Soundgarden, Kitchener’s KOI Music Festival w/ July Talk and The Ataris, The International Pop Overthrow Festival in Toronto, Burlington’s Burly Calling, 97.7’s Rocksearch Semi-Finals and SCENE Music Festival in St Catharine’s to name a few.

The Maysides have provided direct touring support for The Balconies, Hollerado,The Flatliners, Young Empires, IllScarlett and many more. ‘

The band's newest EP 'LOVED AND LOST' is available to DOWNLOAD NOW!

Matt Harris
Lead Vocals/Guitar

Following the dissolution of his previous punk band All For Nothing, Matt Harris founded the Maysides in 2012. Harris sought to create a new eclectic music project infused with punk, rock and pop elements. Drawing on adapted content written toward the end of his AFN career, the singer-songwriter transitioned into his new project's recording process.

Side-Note: Matt has an abnormal obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, retro video games and bright coloured t-shirts.

Michael Lamb

In late 2013, Matt and Kellen were introduced to Mike Lamb by a mutual acquaintance. After Lamb attended a trail practice, he was immediately welcomed into the band as a regular member. All other auditions were cancelled and he quickly assimilated into his new role as a key member of The Maysides. Lamb's instinctive sense of rhythm and style broadened the band's sound and unified vision moving forward.

Side-Note: Mike has been know to introduce himself as “The Maysides’ Drummer” and make abnormal rider requests.

Kenny Holt

Kenny Holt, a former member of The Autumn Crush (Michael Lamb’s previous band) performed live on multiple occasions. He had a broad range of experience in other groups such as: Lambs Become Lions, My Son The Hurricane and Odds & Ends. As his participation with The Maysides increased, Kenny was inducted into the band as a full-time member.

Side-Note: Prior to Kenny’s involvement with The Maysides, he was officially crowned the King of Bromley.

Tyler Vieira

Bass Guitar

Tyler is the newest member of the band. His years of experience playing in local punk rock band Rifkin made for a seamless transition into The Maysides. Matt and Tyler crossed paths years earlier. When the band was presented with the need to find a new bassist, choosing Tyler was a no brainer.

Side-Note: Caution - If Tyler is asleep, do not try to wake him unless you are prepared to get seriously injured. (tesimony from a reliable source).














  1. 1. Loved and Lost
  2. 2. Cheap Blockbuster
  3. 3. Make Me Whole
  4. 4. Sweet Memories
  5. 5. Bucket List
  6. 6. Good Ol Days

Available on:
  1. 1. 1000 Friends
  2. 2. Time Machine
  3. 3. Kegger
  4. 4. Off My Mind
  5. 5. Basement Days
  6. 6. Get Away

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